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This page is where I put up stuff relavent to Toyspeed.
Toyspeed is a local Toyota Club which I found via #Toyspeed on Undernet.
Check out their site by using the above link.

Currently on BlakJak.net/Toyspeed:

Pics from the Toyspeed Auckland Meet, 13 October 2001. Piha cruise!
(Be warned, pics are at their original resolution - 1152x864. LARGE images. Theyre split into more than one page and sized with HTML code for display.)

Pics from the Toyspeed Auckland Meet, 22 December 2001. Miranda!
(Same as above, pics (at least the ones I took) at the same high res, shrunk via HTML to display.)
Additional pics were taken and supplied by Adrian aka 021MR2TRD aka MrOizoMR2 on a Sony Mavica, so theyre lower res shots...

Toyspeed Profiles System!
Set yourself up with a Profile and Pic so people can see your ride...

Toyspeed Grasskhana 2003!
Pics are up! This is what happens when Toyspeeders meet a large grass paddock...

Help with the Toyspeed Forums and Profiles.
If you're having trouble, read this first - and go here if you need to ask for help. Doing this will lessen the chances your request slips through the cracks.

Celica and GT-Four FAQ site for Kiwis
The Celica GT-Four (known as the All-Trac in the USA) is a very popular Toyota and this is no different in NZ. This site is intending to help make Celica related information available to Kiwis, as theres no official Celica owners groups in NZ to my knowledge...

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