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Welcome to BlakJak's Toyspeed help site. By the mid 2000's the number of random and exasperating help requests received via email got to the point where this page was put together, to provide for an easily accessible 'FAQ' and allow for people to forward queries through when they didn't have access to the forum. I caution you now, the below was mostly written during a fit of frustration.... :-)

Anyone wanting help with the Toyspeed Profiles (http://toyspeed.blakjak.net/profiles) or the Toyspeed Forums (http://forums.toyspeed.org.nz) MUST read this page first. If you don't, I will probably just ignore you when you email me.

Update, May 2008. Apologies, the form's been broken since ~November during a server upgrade which changed the web-form I use. As an alternative we're now using the form built into my personal website. Again please ensure you have read the FAQs and other highlighted-information in the New Members forum and the FAQ Section. Heres some handy pointers:

Why does it say my email address is banned? Please refer to http://forums.toyspeed.org.nz/viewtopic.php?t=42877.

Why is admin-activation required on my signup? See above link. Its an anti-spammer mechanism. It will usually take less than 24 hours for your account to be activated.

My account was deleted! Why? This will be for a couple of reasons, 1) Account looked like a spammers account, or 2) Account was inactive for a long period of time. Now and then we clean up the user base, especially for users with no posts on record.

When will the profiles be back? The blakjak.net hosted Profiles system will not be returning. A replacement was on the cards, however none of the admins have had access/opportunity at this stage. Things are fluid, stay tuned...

Further Questions - wheres the FAQ? - See http://forums.toyspeed.org.nz/viewforum.php?f=24.

FIRST MAJOR POINT: When signing up for the Profiles use the SAME nickname as you do on the Toyspeed Forums. The profiles are for Toyspeed members, if you're not on the forums then its very likely that, should I have any problems, I will simply delete your profile. The forums contain important club information and there is no costs or catch to your signup, so this should not be a problem for most people. :-)

SECOND MAJOR POINT: The Toyspeed Profiles and the Toyspeed Forums are two seperate systems. I thought this was obvious - but I guess not?? The password for one will NOT work on the other. Please make sure you're using the right set of credentials.

THIRD MAJOR POINT: Hotmail especially, tends to 'lose' email. Particularly, it seems, password reminders. If you've run 'forgotton password' and havn't had it delivered, 99% of the time it will be due to your side of things. (Sad but true.) Check your junk mail folder for starters.

The FAQ - Toyspeed Profiles:

I can't log in to the Toyspeed Profiles, the system rejects my username and password. What do I do?
Confirm that your username and password are being entered in the correct case. Capitals in the right place, etc, as the system tells the difference. If you get it wrong, it wont work.

I log in, but then it forgets me!
Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser and/or that toyspeed.blakjak.net is a trusted site.
Do a forced refresh (ctrl-f5 or shift-refresh) of the page and try again.
Clear your temporary internet files and try again.
Click Logout, Clear your Temporary Internet Files and try again.
Make sure you're using the correct username and password - The profiles and the forums use DIFFERENT systems.

How do I upload a picture?
You do this when creating or editing your profile. Look for the 'Photo' field.

It won't let me upload the picture - I get an error like "Please use a jpeg (.jpg or .jpeg) file as your photo."
Like it says - you need to use a jpeg image. .gif and .bmp are not acceptable. Most decent image software has the ability to convert graphics - try Google If you havn't got anything.

It's telling me my image is too large, what do I do?
As indicated, theres a size limit of 50k per image. Its actually a fraction lower than 50k, so if your image is within 5kbytes or so, you'll need to reduce its size. You'll need an image editing program to scale it, most likely.

Can you convert/resize the image for me?
Generally speaking, no, I won't do this - you can try posting something on the Forums and maybe someone there will assist. (and if I come across the thread, I might offer. But don't assume I can do it for you unless I do. :))

Can you upload my image for me? I can't / don't know how. Its not that hard, just follow your nose. Get someone to help you out (in person) and you should be able to suss it pretty quickly.

I have uploaded a new picture, but the old one still shows.
The new one is active, your browser has cached the old one. Follow the instructions pertaining to the 'I log in, but it then forgets me!' above.

I want to delete my picture.
Theres an option now called 'Hide Picture'. Use it to hide your picture from view.

I've forgotton the password to my login, and the email address you have stored for me is wrong/out of date.
If you have a login for the forums, please PM me and let me know there - this helps me validate your ID. If you do PM me, please advise what email address should be in there so I can update it. Once ive updated it you can use the 'forgotton password' system to retreive a new password. If you don't have a forum account, drop me a msg via the below form.

I'm using the 'forgotton password' system but i'm not getting the password via email.
The system works. I've had a series of hotmail users complain that they're not getting their passwords. Each time, I inspect my mail logs and can see hotmail accepting the message. Check your junk folder.The alternative would be to simply not rely on Hotmail - this should be obvious by now...

How do I edit my profile?
Find your profile. When logged in, theres an 'Edit' link.

Why can't I find my profile?
There could be a few reasons.

My question isn't answered here.
Use the form.

The FAQ - Toyspeed Forums:

I joined the forums but havn't received my confirmation email yet. How long will it take / where'd it go?
Email can be slow sometimes. Be patient, give it a day or so and if you don't get the message, do two things.

I want to change my username to something else. How?
PM either BlakJak or Wildcard with the details. Avoid doing this very often, as it will confuse people.

I can't login.
Use the form below to contact me and i'll see if I can help, or contact another Moderator or Admin (Perhaps the one responsible for your region). Make sure you quote whatever error messages are displayed. Note that the issue of 'remembering' a login is probably somewhat similar to the "I log in, but then it forgets me!" case above - so you can try those instructions too if thats whats happening.

I'm getting errors like 'Critical Error: Cannot Connect to the Database'
This means theres a problem with the forum back-end. Chances are the TS Admins already know about it. This is something that usually requires input from the server admin (Zylex) so in most cases, I would advise against contacting us. Try again later.

(NEW May 2009) I'm finding Toyspeed really, really slow. To the point of unusability.
This has been noted and is under investigation.

Where else can I go for help?

When you first join up you're encouraged to use the Introduction Forum. Here you'll also find some threads (Marked as 'Sticky' or 'Announcement' threads which include some frequently-asked-question type things, and some stuff you NEED to read. There's also some key information that you should read at the top of the General Discussions Forum.

Finally, you can use the BlakJak.net contact form if you have a specific question you'd like answered. When I'm able, I (BlakJak) will fire back a response. Usually you'll get an answer within several hours, rarely longer than 24.


Visit the BlakJak.net Contact Form

If the response you get seems short tempered or irritable, I apologise in advance. Almost without exception, the form submissions I get can be solved through following the above instructions or engaging-brain. So I'm getting a bit cynical about the whole thing. This doesn't mean I wont help if its appropriate! :-)

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