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The question gets asked often enough on the Toyspeed Website - "Is there a club/group in NZ around the Celica or the GT-Four?"

So heres a quick page with some useful links and information for Kiwi Celica and GT4 owners.

So is there a Celica or GT-Four Club?
In NZ, no not really. A few people attempted it but it never got carried through. Most of the owners of Celica GT-Fours tend to hang out with Toyspeed and their forums which are a good source of information and theres a few GT-Four owners there to swap notes with. I'm not aware of anything else operating in NZ - if you know of something, let me know.

So what other options do I have for Celica or GT-Four specific resources?
Check out Yahoogroups to start with. If you search for 'Celica' or 'GT-Four' or 'GT4' you'll find all sorts of hits. Off the top of my head theres the following:

Links listed in Bold above are known to be active groups. Many of the search results are for older legacy groups that ICOC or GT4 have replaced.

What about Locals? Surely theres some kiwis into Celicas and GT-Fours?

Why'd you write this page?
I have owned both an ST183 Celica (NA, 4WS) and an ST185 (GT-Four 4WD Turbo) over the last 3 years. I find them a great car - reliable, sporty and practical - but unfortunately they werent *quite* practical enough for me so I went over to a stationwagon. :P Doesn't mean i'm not still a fan!

Thanks for reading. If you have suggestions for additions to this page or other feedback, use the form below. Cheers - BlakJak.



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