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Name: Chris Rosedale
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Wellington
Date Registered: 17 February 2003
Ride: Mitsi Evo 4
Profile Hits:356
Email:chris.rosedale at
Last Updated:03 June 2005

Performance Exhaust
Boost Guage
HKS Turbo Timer

Eclipse CD/Radio Stereo
Personal Summary:
25 yr old Male
5'9" White English boy, jolly good show eh wot
Moved to Newlands! woot! - My Cat's gone missing though..

Work in Wellington for the BNZ, on the ground floor of the NZ Post building by the TrainStation.
Don't really "Work" as such, but get paid enough not to leave while getting pay rises after payrises...

Getting into Snowboarding with a friend and my Fiance - Vanessa.
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