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Profile for Matt Dunn

Name: Matt Dunn
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: Christchurch
Date Registered: 11 January 2004
Ride: BZT wgn & 20V turbo DX
Profile Hits:976
Email:rachmat at
Last Updated:16 March 2005

20V turbo DX Corolla.
4AGE 20 Valve with custom T28 series Turbo, running 18 psi boost, lightweight interior and body shell, W55 gearbox, Hilux diff, Link ecu, Willwood disc's and calipers, roll cage.
Dyno'd at 204kw at the rear wheels, (about 280hp)
Engine power estimated at somewhere around 330hp.
Personal Summary:
I am an Auto Electrian. I have driving karts since I was 5.
I have mainly been doing circuit racing for the last 10 years but have been know to turn up to a few drag racing events. (with my car of course).

Time Trials

  Quarter Mile     0 - 100k     60ft     Reaction     Trap Speed     Chasis Code     Engine Code     Tires     Track Details  
  12.390          2.279     0.626     185 kph     KE70     4AGE 20 VT     Khumo V700     CHCH  

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