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Profile for Inane

Name: John
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Location: Wellington
Date Registered: 10 December 2003
Ride: 215W GTT Caldina
Profile Hits:374
Email:John at
Last Updated:06 March 2006

[Caldina GTT]
Alloy Turbo internals
new bling bling vacumn pipe all the way through!
K&N intake.
monza showonly heat shield
VSC ON / OFF Switch
Inanes SFM
air in & out freed up,
Boost Gauge,
Type III B.O.V
Idle Air intake pipe pod filter
Catch Can,
rediculously expensive alarm system.

A bunch of other mods Ill get around to listing :)

[Rice / Bling]
-Razo pedals
-Panasonic WMA/MP3 4x50w head unit
-7inch Flatscreen w Navigation & Television,
-Switch for handbrake grounding on / off (trick the television unit!)
-Reversing camera (missing actual camera)
-Twin function sunroof
-Bling Chrome windscreen washer covers

Personal Summary:
Cressidas gone.
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