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Name: Neil (GonzO)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Wellington
Date Registered: 11 December 2002
Ride: AE101 FXGT 20 Valve (two of)
Profile Hits:564
Email:santaclause at
Last Updated:20 March 2005

Road Car:

Times / Performace
Dyno @ Chequred Flag
81.2 Kw (When I first got the car, and the distributor was broken)

Track @ Taupo (2004 Feb)
53.0 Seconds (worn tires but with rear strut brace)

Race Car:

Track @ Mansfield (2007)
1m.30s [constant] (Semi slicks, passenger, cage)

Track @ Taupo (2006 Jun)
1.50.11 Seconds (Semi slicks, passenger, cage)
Personal Summary:
Im interested in cars -electrical and mechanical, bass, computers and you all know what else..

My old car ==

The photo is of me and CRZYKA at Toyspeeds 2004 Taupo Race meeting.
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