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Profile for RomanV

Name: David
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Location: Auckland
Date Registered: 23 October 2003
Ride: SW20 MR2, AA60 Carina.
Profile Hits:917
Last Updated:06 December 2006

SW20 MR2:
Beams 3SGE engine from ST202 celica.
TOM'S extractors
Apexi pod filter
gen 2 brakes
gen 2 front lip
gen 3 tail lights
gen 3 rear spoiler
momo steering wheel + shifter
15x5 Enkei RP01s with Toyo proxes t1R's all round
Rebuilt gen 5 SW20 NA gbox with clutch pack LSD
Minor weight reduction (1030kgs no driver)

AA60 Carina:
Work in progress.
I've got a rebuilt beams 3SGE engine + Altezza 6 speed box for it, but still need a long list of parts before I can put them in the car.
for now, it's 3AU POWAH!!
Personal Summary:
I want to eat your FACE!

Time Trials

  Quarter Mile     0 - 100k     60ft     Reaction     Trap Speed     Chasis Code     Engine Code     Tires     Track Details  
  14.780          2.117     0.801     155 kph     SW20     beams 3SGE     15" toyo proxes T1R     Meremere at nightspeed drag wars  

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