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Profile for JT

Name: Josh
Age: 69
Gender: Male
Location: Christchurch
Date Registered: 18 August 2003
Ride: BZ Carib, YZF600R
Profile Hits:1143
Last Updated:09 February 2006

AE86 Levin
Sold! -->

AE111 BZ Touring
Blacktop, 6 speed
OZ racing rims
Waydo springs and shocks

Yamaha YZF600R
Arrow exhaust
Braided lines
300k speedo
Personal Summary:
lets make it go faster

Time Trials

  Quarter Mile     0 - 100k     60ft     Reaction     Trap Speed     Chasis Code     Engine Code     Tires     Track Details  
  15.700          2.304     0.763     136 kph     AE86     4AGE     195/55/15 Direzzas      Night Drags - Ruapuna  

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