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Profile for Rollux

Name: Dan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Other
Date Registered: 29 July 2003
Ride: 1997 Nissan Avenir GT
Profile Hits:537
Email:daitcheson at
Last Updated:23 August 2004

Was going for the stock sleeper look, but decided to flag it.
17" Advanti Atomics w/ 225/45R17 tyres
Intercooler w/ water spray

Next on list
GT28R turbo
S15 injectors and pump
14psi and a good tune
Personal Summary:
Don't really know why i'm here, I prefer Nissans!!!

Time Trials

  Quarter Mile     0 - 100k     60ft     Reaction     Trap Speed     Chasis Code     Engine Code     Tires     Track Details  
  15.230               0.510     147 kph     PNW10     SR20DET     195/60R15     RUAPUNA  

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