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Name: Brad
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Location: Wellington
Date Registered: 10 July 2003
Ride: KE70's, SXE10 Altezza
Profile Hits:1382
Email:havoc_wcp at
Last Updated:21 September 2008

Wagon- ramflo filter, heatwrapped coby extractors, nolathane bushes, monroe shocks, Cobra springs, loose nut behind the wheel...

Sedan - Koni adjustables, Nolathane bushes, custom Cobra springs, Custom coilovers, T3 adjustable camber top hats, T3 RCA's, Znoelli slotted rotors, Lucas pads. Custom rear springs. TE71 disc brake diff, TRD LSD. New everything in the under carriage.
Uprighted 5K, .5mm OS, shotpeened rods, ARP bolts, custom flywheel, Massive cam, adjustable camgear. Lots of shiny shit. 40DHLA's on TRD manifolds. Heavily ported head, big valves etc etc. Cable K-T bellhousing. 20 spline T50. Custom driveshaft.
Retrimmed/restored interior, factory black JDM model interior trim.. Racepro seats. Custom dash
Altezza - Greddy Airnix filter, Tein springs
Personal Summary:
Holy shit, I have a shiny car once more!

I need a liftback and 2 door wagon to finish the set :D
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