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Name: Jess
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Location: Wellington
Date Registered: 18 November 2002
Ride: EX: 1991 EP82 GT Starlet
Profile Hits:1526
Email:lafemme at
Last Updated:19 March 2005

Stats of the Old Starlet:


Airfilter running directly off turbo
2.5" exhaust, cat removed
TRD Spark Plug Leads
GTX Fuel Pump
Steve Murch modified CT9
TD04 Actuator
Wastegate Ported
Larger than Standard Exedy Clutch
Lightened Flywheel
VR4 Front Mount with larger custom inlets
SCI blow off valve
Air Con removed along with all unneccessary weight in engine bay
Breather filter
Bigger Battery
Squid Motorsport Fuel Cut Defender
Aftermarket Electric Fan


Lowered on Jamex Springs
Full Atomic Body Kit
15" Advantis
Mesh Covering the Intercooler
Full Bonnet Vinyl with Lulu Graphic


Boost and Oil Pressure gauges mounted in a dual 'A' pillar pod.
GSR Reclinable Recaros
Aftermarket Gear Knob


Sony Explode 10" Sub
Strada Amp
Kenwood Tweeters
Kenwood MP3 Headdeck
JVC 6X9s
Soon: Front Speakers

104.4 KW at the wheels
Personal Summary:
Stuff in mind after the wedding
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