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Profile for Jebus

Name: Mark B
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Location: Auckland
Date Registered: 27 May 2003
Ride: 1985 GX71 Cressida
Profile Hits:33
Email:drift4age at
Last Updated:09 February 2007

Grande Velour interior swap
Jap Style Twin Exhaust
Front Lip
35% Tints

Front Susp
King Lows Compressed
GT4 Shocks
Lowered 65mm

Rear Susp
Cobra Lows Compressed
Townace Shocks
Lowered 90mm

17 X 7.5 Koya Rims
205/45/17 Federals

Pioneer H/U
Pioneer 6 X 9's
Pioneer 4"
Pioneer Amp
Pioneer 12"

Steering Wheel

Personal Summary:
OG Cressida, Slow and Low
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