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Name: Mark
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Location: Auckland
Date Registered: 02 November 2002
Ride: 2001 Toyota Gaia
Profile Hits:1270
Email:toyspeed at
Last Updated:05 October 2004

Sadly the Caldina is no more :( Picked up a Gaia 7 seater to meet domestic obligations.
All factory...
Personal Summary:
I run the technical side of an ISP.
I have a background in Mil/Gov Network Engineering and in Systems Administration and Management of an Anti-Spam & email service provider.
In my spare time I run the server that hosts this site and help admin Toyspeed.
Don't tend to make many of the meets due to time (or lack thereof), but i'm still kicking around in the (far far) background helping things tick over.
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