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Profile for Jools

Name: Julian
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: Auckland
Date Registered: 18 May 2003
Ride: 1990 Toyota Celica GTR
Profile Hits:616
Email:jsjunk at
Last Updated:20 February 2004

ST-185 3S-GTE 1998cc Turbo
ST202 5Spd Gearbox with LSD
Shafts from supercharged levin
3 Piece Organic Clutch - 1600lb Clamping Pressure
K&N Box Filter
GP Performance 3" Exhuast
Jaycar Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
PCV Catch can
Fuel pump relay Mod
Turbo VSV Disabled
ST-185 Bonnet
Cut Down Shifter
SpeedHut Indiglo Gauges
Auto Gauge EL Boost Gauge
17"x7 G.Max M-111 w/ Toyo T1S 215
TCC Type III Blow Off Valve
Super low King springs
KYB gas shocks in the rear
High Flowed Metal CT26 Turbo
Link ECU
Front Mounted Intercooler
Tial 38mm External Wastegate
GP Performance Custom 3" downpipe
Pod Filter
Battery Relocated to Boot
Personal Summary:
I work as a computer tech, fixing 'puters and doin web stuff.
LOVE cars and all things mechanical.
Pretty quiet but always up for stuff.
And constantly poor because of my car addiction :(

Time Trials

  Quarter Mile     0 - 100k     60ft     Reaction     Trap Speed     Chasis Code     Engine Code     Tires     Track Details  
  14.430               0.694     165 kph     ST-182     3S-GTE     Potenza GIII     Meremere 18/10/03 - Clusub Drags  

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