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Name: jake
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Location: Christchurch
Date Registered: 15 September 2005
Ride: toyota 72 ke25
Profile Hits:30
Email:nicethrowydemhoi at
Last Updated:15 September 2005

5k out of a lite ace van..4 into 1 extractors..2 an 1/2 exaust to dumpy..spitties on 215 bfs.had to cut the mc guards to fit the mc farkin mc tyres on so i could get it mc slammed..rudest paint at the moment, blue over da hot orange, looks reeaaal feral,so stripped it bak to metal and gettin a gloss black paint.
Personal Summary:
ar ye hallo..ummm corollas are the man..if u think they not umm u are gay.enjoy drinkin with the kidds in redwood and then kickin it to ye
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