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Name: Richard Hayes
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: Dunedin
Date Registered: 26 March 2003
Ride: 1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno
Profile Hits:784
Email:18946246 at
Last Updated:01 September 2006

-T50 22 spline gearbox
-Heavy duty clutch
-hydraulic clutch set up
-TRD race only springs, 8kg front, 5.5kg rear
-Front TRD 5-way adjustable short-stroke shocks
-kyb heavy duty short-stroke hilux shocks in the rear
-smallport 100kw 4age
-raised compression (11.7:1)
-tidyed up ports, re-seated valves
-coby extractors to 2 1/4 inch exhaust to rps muffler
-pod filter (whoop de shit)
-larger 10ml fuel lines
-walbro fuel pump
-surge tank
-AE86/TE71 disc brake rear diff
-4.1 ratio diff head (kind of rare)
-17ml rear sway-bar
-front strut brace
-nolathane bushes all round
-celica-supra front struts (shortened 40mm) and brakes (10" vented discs)
-Longer lower arms for more camber
-lightweight Techno Racing TRV's 14x8.5 -17 offset (with 185 tires !!!!)

rather spend my money on performance mods

Up next:
Currently in process of building a new engine for it, smallport with blacktop rods, ACl race bearings etc.
Personal Summary:
i'm a poor student by the way
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