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Name: Phil
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Location: Dunedin
Date Registered: 02 April 2005
Ride: 1975 KE25 SR Toyota corolla
Profile Hits:2003
Email:ke25sr at
Last Updated:07 September 2008

My pride and where all my time and money go to. ( im so poor)

most recent tune has resulted in 170hp @ 7500rpm,

Rebuilt 2T/3TGEU Hybrid
3TGTEU crank Knife edged, Lightened, polished and balanced
Wiseco 12.5 - 1 Pistons
Eagle H Beam rods
3TGTEU Toda High Volume oil pump
ARP rod bolts, Head studs, Main studs, Fly wheel bolts, front pulley bolt,
Pressure plate bolts,
larger baffled sump with Moroso windage tray.
After market oil cooler and Braided lines.
Kelford cams. Crazy specs
Competition race double valve springs
Full port polish on flow bench
lightened 3TGTEU flywheel.
CA18DET Injectors
4AGE Quad throttle body's on custom manifold
Link G4
After market alloy radiator
4-1 Extractors going through to a 2 1/2 inch manderel bent exhaust. Chrome Dumpy.
W58 from JZA80.
Reduction drive starter motor
Fleetguard oil filter
Valvoline oil

Gabriel gas shock inserts in front. (50 mm Shorter)
TRD 8 way adjustable dampening rear shocks
Nolathane bushes all round.
Techno Toy Tuning rose linked Caster arms
Techno toy tuning negative roll center spacers
Techno ty tuning camber plates
New wheel bearings all round.
AE86 front discs and Front calipers.
AE85 Brake Booster.
TE71 Dual Master Cylinder
Willwood bias Valve
TE71 rear discs & calipers
TRD 2 Way LSD in rebuilt diff head. 4.1 ratio
Bendex metal king pads all round.
BC gold front struts from AE86
40mm pressed in rear with a 5th leaf
Adjustable Rear sway bar rose linked.
JZA80 seats.
New Black Carpet
Sportline steering wheel.
Custom Display Link unit
Custom center console.
Fake carbon fibre dash & new recovered dash top.
JVC 50x4 headunit.
800 X4watt amp 4x 330 watt pioneer 6X9's
12" Sub in boot
Recovered door panels(Black)
Custom rear panels housing 6X9;s.
35% tint all round.
Battery relocated to boot.

Painted ultra-gloss white
Custom grill
Custom Pedal box
Fiber Glass bonnet with KE30/5 chrome vents
Fiber Glass valance panel
Fiber Glass front lip spoiler
Fibre Glass front guards
All plastics gloss black
AE101 Clear indicator lenses on guards.
14X6.5 Work Equips 195/45/14 Hankook Ventus

Previous cars: Mini 1980 highly worked 1350, VW beetle wouldn't do a burnout, KE30 2T push rod, ke30 standard X4 wrecked em all, KE35 really mint crashed sold now has 3sgte, KE70 wagon twin O headlight 2 door, ST150 hated it FWD sux, Alfa romeo sprint 1979 1500 twin weber went hard but rusted away, AE101 20 valve silver borrowed for a month, KE25sr coupe X 2 drove then wrecked, TE71GT X 2 wrecked em both. KE70 sack of shit SOLD, 1988 Honda civic GT 1500 EFi Written off got hit by some lady. ( 1 less Honda)

Personal Summary:
Steer from the rear
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