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Name: Adam Steel
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: Dunedin
Date Registered: 01 April 2005
Ride: '97 Trueno Bz-r / '85 Levin
Profile Hits:417
Email:thedealer95 at
Last Updated:10 February 2008

-----1996 Nissan 180sx Type X-----

Lowering springs (unsure on model/brand)
Damper adj. shock inserts (unsure on brand/model)

18" DTM Decades

-----1985 Levin AE85-----.

Work in progress.

Parts acquired so far:

Smallport 4age 100kw
TRD Springs 8kg front 6kg rear
22 spline T50 gearbox with 4a bellhousing
ae86 pedal box
ae86 disc brake rear end with TRD LSD fitted
Hilux Shocks
Ae92 front shocks
Ae86 Fuel tank w/lines and pump
SSR MK2 14x8 -12 front, 14x9 0 rear

Should be fun for a first project.
Personal Summary:
I like cars, bitches and getting on the chop.

If anyone needs help setting up their home theater, new tv, dvd recorder, vcr or anything along those lines PM me
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