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Name: Jeremy Linton
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: Christchurch
Date Registered: 13 January 2005
Ride: 1976 Toyota Corolla Ke30
Profile Hits:2129
Email:orange_rolla at
Last Updated:14 January 2005

Fuck all at the moment.....

17 inch Momo mags, straight through RPS dump muffler,
Momo steering wheel with a horn that doesn't fuckin go,
tints if you can really calll them a mod.
Lots of mods planned, starting with sacking the wee
beast which is well overdue!!!!
Personal Summary:
Well what is there to say...........
Work for Toyota, own a

PS. Big shout out to Jase with NRAGED and
Azza with his TE71 your rides are the shit!!!
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