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Name: Simon & Louisa
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: Wellington
Date Registered: 13 August 2004
Ride: 1994 Toyota Celica GT4
Profile Hits:1010
Email:s.ridland at
Last Updated:05 September 2004

TRD Bodykit
Cat Removed
Blitz Turbo Timer, linked to windows
17" Alloys with 235/45 Uniroyal RainSport 1's
Clifford alarm
Momo steering wheel trimmed to car colour
Bonnet spoiler & rear spoiler boosters
Window Tints

To Do
Move battery to boot. Wiring done but not live, mounting plate in place.
Cold Air Box.
Free Flowing Exhaust.
Steel Turbo
Mold bodykit
New Seats
Personal Summary:
Step 1 - Practice Car
Step 2 - Mkiv Supra TT
Step 3 - Altezza Family Car
Step 4 - Prado RV (for towing the boat & stuff)
Gonna need a decent sized garage.

Ageing beancounter and a bit of a rolling stone, starting to settle down. Recently got married to a lovely young thing, who is a bit anti-social until she meets you. Haven't done an OE yet. Will build a house upon return.
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