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Name: Hayden
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: Auckland
Date Registered: 12 August 2004
Ride: 1996 Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited
Profile Hits:1187
Last Updated:29 August 2006

Well, bit the bullet and bought a new ride.

It's an KZH100 Super Custom Limited, basically it's the top of the line spec (in the order of Hiace/Hiace Custom/Hiace Super Custom/Hiace Super Custom Limited).

It was pretty standard, but at present.............


-3.0L Turbo Diesel
-Aftermarket Air Filter


-Champagne Over Beige Paint
-18x8 Rays Engineering Sebrings Wrapped in 245/45/18 Tyres (not easy on a Hiace!)
-Full Set Of 5% Tints
-High Power Blue Headlamps
-7 Inch Round 150w Spotlights
-Custom Towbar
-Blue & Black Personalised Plates (which some greedy cunt used a 5 finger discount on!)


-Electric Curtains
-Electric Steering Column & Seat With Memory
-Electric Sliding Door (Currently being retrofitted)
-Thremos/Drink Warmer
-Ice Maker/Fridge/Hot Box
-Hi Tech Paging Alarm (details not being divulged)
-Obligatory Guages
-Momo Super Indy Wood Steering


-Alpine 9835 CD/MP3/Tuner Headunit
-Phoenix Gold QX2350 Amp
-Sony Xplod 12" Pentagon Sub

***More To Come***

Custom ICE install currently in progress.

Current SQNZ Record - 91/180 Points
Current SPL Record - 130.5dB (prior to new PG)

Thats all that's been done - so far! Looking at a manual conversion. ... Oh, its got a name too (thanks to gf) - Speights!!
Personal Summary:
Live in da 'dirty south'. Not really Aucks, da border for AK runs along my fence line - literally. I'm an Electrician by trade! Not single, so dont bother asking :) Also do basic subtle car stereo installs, love my beautiful gf & Toyotas & restore old radios in my other spare time. Current project is a 1962 Simca Eronde with a 4K :D, and a 52 Ford Prefect. Weekend car is a 61 Ford Zephyr
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