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Name: Rich
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: Dunedin
Date Registered: 03 August 2004
Ride: 1982 Celica GT,1982 Celica ST EFI
Profile Hits:412
Email:nzboyracer2002 at
Last Updated:28 February 2006

* Twin 40mm solex sidedraft carbs with flared trumpets and Redline filters
* Redline tappet cover breather filter
* Mildy ground cams and rebuilt internals
* A/C removed
* Custom extractors and 2" piping back to a sports muffler
* Lowered on GTS L type mags
* KYB double tube gas front shockies
* Removed viscos fan, replaced with an electric thermo fan
* 35% window tints
* Niken Pedals

Personal Summary:
Rear wheel drives are the only real cars
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